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The 77th annual Golden Globes Awards are upon us, rolling out an exciting new season: in red-carpet. This post originally ran on Juan Coles Web page. On Sunday, I found myself reading the Wall Street Journal, and reading the headline U. Seeks to Curb Iranian Nukes, so as to express my outrage. I have been writing a lot about Irans nuclear program for many years, since its the most immediate threat to Israel that I see. In the 1990s, when Bill Clinton was secretary of state he proposed a grand bargain for a nuclear arms reduction with Iran. To limit Iranian enrichment of uranium by five per cent for ten years, to increase U. Inspections of that program, to allow only low enriched uranium for civilian power plants abroad, and to allow Iran to enrich uranium up to three per cent for civilian power plants. To cut the number of centrifuges, that means to cut their centrifuges. Iran can simply increase the number of centrifuges to increase the number of enriched uranium. The nuclear agreement was reached with Iran, which is a major victory for President Obama. So why have I been writing more about the issue. Was not going to be able to cut a deal with Iran, so it had to make up on the outside the ground. So many times I have been criticized for writing on Iran, even by those who would be my allies. Last year I wrote about Irans acquisition of the ballistic missiles that carry nuclear warheads. The New York Times called that acquisition an Iranian land grab. But what I failed to note was the difference between a land grab and a strategic possession, which is what Iran is acquiring. I also failed to note that while the Times and other U. Journalists would call my statement a land grab, some right-wing Republicans would call it a military attack on Iran, and that it would put me at risk. Ive been writing on Irans nuclear program for years, but now I am saying something different. I am writing about the Iran deal that Secretary Kerry, as Obamas national security adviser, proposed. Kerry proposed a seven-year extension of the Iran Sanctions Act, along with other economic sanctions, in return for Iran agreeing to restrict its nuclear program in return for lifting those sanctions.

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