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That is why the globalization of globalization is a new way of thinking; as such it has been made by the worlds most upstanding societies. What is good for the global economy is good for the rest of the society, so that we canafford to give up-I would like to see the development of an economic system that does not involve the manipulation of the lives of human beings. You refuse to be a cog in the global economic machine. I have to find my way around all these people, because they dont know where to put me. No, Im not doing it, youre doing it instead. You tell me where to go and I have to find a job that is to my advantage. Well, I dont exactly want to live like that, so Ill just stay here until I die. Im not your servant and you cant tell me what to do. Im just going to go outside and do something with myself. Get the fuck outta here with your choir of whining losers, where do you think youre going to find a job. Because at this point you could just lie down on the floor of your own home, and youd be fine. Then I guess you dont think Im going to kill myself out of frustration. No, Im not going to let you hurt yourself like that again. Youre not the only one that hates this place.

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