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When the world became ever more interconnected, the power of nations grew larger. When governments could easily command a few million people and control their wealth and resources, they began to use this power to grow even larger and more powerful. As their power rose, so did their greed. The more they could get for these resources, the more they could spend on weapons, the greater the number of soldiers they trained and the more they could hire. More soldiers meant more soldiers were needed to keep them in power, so they raised the standard of living even more. Their greed and control of more and more people became ever more apparent. They began to control the people of other nations too; they began to dictate and dictate more and more. Eventually though these nations began to rise up against them, which in turn led to war and rebellion. With the rise of nations and their increased power, more and more of the world became dependent on trade and the continued flow of goods, technology, and people over the border of each nation. And in the end, nations still exist, most of them are still under the control of their respective leaders and their governments. But eventually, these nations too will cease to exist, for there is no other kind of power that is capable of keeping the rest of the world in a state of continual war. The end is coming soon, and the world will be on the edge of the abyss, as the nations that have refused to embrace Globalization fall and their people are driven into extinction. And in those last moments of the world, humanity will be free to move towards a brighter tomorrow. For the first time in a decade, the American Legion has endorsed Donald Trump for president. But this is the first time the organization has officially endorsed a Republican candidate for president, according to The Washington Post. Its about our country, said Paul Rieckhoff, the groups founder and the founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. The most important thing to me is, we need to unite and we are going to unite and I feel this is the place to do it, he said. I have to tell you, I have not been this excited by a campaign issue in a long time. It just comes so strongly to me, the need to unite against the media and I think Donald Trump can do it so we need to do this. But the American Legion doesnt have the biggest say in the decision. The national organization gets to choose which candidate it supports.

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