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She likes to go ski and beach and go to the pool in her home. Glenn Close is on her 2nd novemaic film. Her film s title is A Girl Like Me. You shake hands with Glenn Close and then continue walking. I have to say, although you are in a darker place than what I used to be, it would be even worse to lose someone that I know, and you are always there for me. So you are always with me whenever I need support. Youre always with me too, when you need my support. At the end of her statement she looks at you and smiles: Thats always true 3. You feel a bit weird about her remark. Is she still talking about you when it was the first time you met her, and now she is talking about you and she is trying to cheer yourself up because of it. You shake your head and continue walking. She says and then she starts feeling a bit dizzy. She gets closer to you and holds your hand. Im not tired yet, so lets take some time to talk, okay. You nod and she turns her face so her eyes are now looking up at the sky. I dont think I can go on without you, do you know what I mean. When we were kids it was the stars that kept us going and I was proud to always be your partner. I remember when you and I were in the circus on our first trip to America, you told me to always remember that youre the one Im going to stay with no matter what. You put your hand on her shoulder. I just cant imagine the world without you. Even after your eyes started to turn red and you started coughing up blood, I cant imagine life without you. I want to see your smile every day. You feel that the tension of her voice have become more and more.

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