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Ve heard a lot more about her than the rest of those talking so far. M actually sort of interested to hear you talk more. M glad you think so Mr. Not really, I was just going to be on my way. Eventually you get to the place you were given to stay in. When you turn around to look at the outside, you find yourself in front of the ECS headquarters. The building is fairly well-lit with only a few people around when you arrive. S actually one of those men you saw in the basement with a man in a mask. S good to see you too son. The old man says which causes you to smile. T supposed to be there until after you left. The old man says as he starts giving a tour of the place. So the question then became where did you get this incredible favor. M the only one here that you know of that can help in this matter. I mean is there really anyone else you can think of that could do it. S not exactly reliable in my eyes.

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