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You continue to the Toronto SunThe Suns new cartoon featuring the now infamous Crocodile Hunter photo was met with mixed reactions from Toronto Sun readers. Hes in danger of losing his readership as well as his job. I cant imagine if he had depicted any other photo, like of a dog attacking a man, I suppose you might have a point, but itd almost be in keeping with the humourous nature of the paper to make a pun about it, in a way to lighten up the situation. You continueWhen you arrive at the Toronto Sun newsroom, you find it filled with reporters and photographers:Theres a half dozen reporters and two photographers already milling about, as well as other reporters who are filming you from a nearby security camera. Soon you make your way to the Toronto Sun newsroom, where an older, somewhat rumpled man of middle-aged with a grumpy expression is currently conducting a meeting of the papers news section. The man, who you assume is the papers news manager, waves you inside:Ah, a guest. He goes on to explain that the Toronto Sun will be running all its editorial cartoons at the same time during your visit. You have no idea what the topic will be yet, but as you enter the newsroom it becomes clear that the man is going to introduce you to the Toronto Suns photo staff, one of whose members is waiting outside the door with an oversized camera. You raise your hand, to which the photographer at the door shoots a quick glance at the other photo technicians. He looks you up and down a couple of times before replying:I dont like it. Hes making a joke of something that happened to a good man. Hes taking something that was very tragic and made it into something amusing. The photo technician is now going on about the photo he just took, which seems to have been taken from exactly the same angle as the Crocodile Hunter photo. He explains that the Crocodile Hunter photo made him feel sick, and that after he took the photo he found himself feeling a bit weepy, so he had a good cry in the middle of the office. Well, Id ask why he chose that particular photo.

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