Get rid of silverfish at home with natural ingredient – ‘they will go’

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The small little bugs love to live in moist places or where there is dust and debris. Experts at Rentokil explained: “Silverfish are serpentine insects that require damp and humid conditions and thrive in kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms and other dark, isolated areas. Fixing leaks in pipework, improving ventilation and using dehumidifiers can help discourage silverfish.”

Indeed, the first thing people should do is check there are no leaks in the house. In a Mrs Hinch fan group, a cleaning enthusiast explained: “Have you had leaks anywhere? The previous owners of our house had a continual leak from the bath that had seeped through to the floorboards.

“We’ve fixed the leak aired it all out and recarpeted upstairs – only seen one since so hoping it has done the trick.”

Others recommended pest control sprays such as Dethlac to kill silverfish. However, there are other ways to get rid of the creepy insects using natural ingredients and, although there are a few options, people just need to use one of the following ingredients to banish them.

Essential oils

Essential oils are very effective against silverfish as the bugs hate the smells, and some of the best ones are cinnamon, cloves and cedar essential oil.

These oils can be purchased on Amazon for under £5 and all you need to do is drop the essential oil where they have been spotted, or mix around 30 drops of oil with water and spray the affected areas.

Similarly, people can place ground cinnamon or cinnamon sticks in the infected areas or cedar shavings and dried cloves as silverfish despise the smell.


Using cucumber is one of the most effective ways to get rid of silverfish as they absolutely hate it. Simply keep the cucumber peels after peeling a cucumber for a salad, for example, and place them in the areas where you have spotted the insect.


Citrus fruits, including lemon and limes, are effective silverfish deterrents as they also hate the smell of these.

People can use the peel in affected areas, making sure they replace them regularly, or mix lemon juice with water and use it to spray around the house.


Finally, salt is known to be another effective ingredient to get rid of the little insects. Silverfish are initially attracted to salt but they soon become dehydrated and die.

On the Facebook cleaning group, Louise Walker described them as “horrible” insects she found “on the carpet by the front room” and Judith Branley said she hated the “awful silverfish” she found in her home.

Luckily, using these natural remedies they managed to get rid of them. Cleaning enthusiast Tracie Mae shared her experience: “They tend to go to damp places mainly bathroom and kitchens.

“So well-ventilated rooms are a good start, but they also hate lemon and lavender, so get some essential oils and put a good few drops in a spray bottle with water and spray the areas you’re finding them every day.

“They will soon go. I get them in my bathroom. If you have like an infestation of them though you may need professionals.”

Konce Huseyin said: “I had some in our first house in 1980. An elderly neighbour told me to put a few cloves along the skirting board where it meets the flooring. It worked!”

Silverfish are long-lived insects and they can live for up to eight, depending on their environment.

They tend to come out in autumn and winter, when it is dark, cold and humid, conditions that the insects prefer. Most people find silverfish at night time and mainly in the bathroom and kitchen. 

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