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Ok cool, its probably a few minutes wait for the app to download though and they only have a few headsets so its not like its not going to last me a few days. Nah, we might be able to get it tonight. In my case just keep in mind its a day for me at least. Ll try it on with some music on the headset and see just how much theres to play on it. You and phallusman24 head back to your shared desk and begin to look at all of the possibilities. T much to do besides some simple games, although after the first hour, you begin wanting to play other gamesYou spend a few more hours here and you and phallusman24 get some sleep while you wait for the rest of the world to arrive. Re going to have to make a few more decisions. Ve met and perhaps one of them is right for you. You have a choice to either move on with your life to a new group home, or stay with the group home and your old friends. You say trying to make the decision for all of you. S been talking about you the entire time. Yeah, well you probably should see it first hand.

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