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Inflation Rate in Germany:In 2017, the countrys Central Bank is planning to target a 2. The following year, the inflation rate is expected to be around 5, making it one of the fastest growing countries. 2In Germany, there are numerous reasons for the high inflation numbers. As a result, Germany has less control over the overall inflation rate in the economy, which means a higher rate of inflation. Germanys currency, the Euro, helps to keep the average price level at around the 3 level. Therefore, if consumers dont spend, consumers wont have money to buy things. High wages contribute heavily to the inflation rates in Germany. The cost of imports is rising in Germany, resulting in an upward pressure on prices. Inflation rate in Germany:When comparing the German inflation rate, it is important to keep these two things in mind:1. The low inflation numbers are a byproduct of low commodity prices. The higher inflation numbers are caused by a weak Euro. If there were higher wages, the inflation numbers in Germany would be less and even at 1. 5 to 2, most people would not have problems affording essentials. Back TopWelcome to this weeks edition of Top Shelf Prospects. As Im sure most of you know by now Ive been putting out a couple of articles a week on some of the top prospects in the NHL. This week there are a few more names on the list than usual, but the focus is still on the guys who I feel have the best chance to make the big club and help their teams win. There are a few players who you might not expect to be on this list. Last year there were plenty of prospects that I didnt include and there is a good chance that isnt going to be the case in 2013 either. I dont think you can really say the same for some of the players listed. Im also not including any older prospects since I feel they arent likely to make the team anymore and more of a name that has already made an impact. Instead of rehashing the list, Im going to focus on a couple of the prospects I like a lot for the 2013-14 season. The first player I want to talk about is a player I didnt include last time.

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