Germany invades poland

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You attack France and BritainIf the invasion was a defensive measure, the invasion was pointless. To your surprise, France and Britain join in the invasion. S a victory that ends World War II. Ve already been on both sides of the world war that ended in late 1939. S regarded as the most important war in history by many. World War II had begun during the invasion of Poland. T get involved quickly, you could be at a severe disadvantage. S something Roosevelt or another American president will be able to handle. You could stay at home and let the world sort things out, but that would be foolish as the situation with Japan is still ongoing. S up for it, but he has one issue first. Ll bring my plane to an airport and wave this American flag. You want to see proof of your military experience. Bill, I already did this once with Charlie and I never got to say goodbye to you. Ve always felt a strong connection to this country even before the war. D like to see if Bill is committed to serving the country he calls home. In the next few days after your interview, Bill brings a small plane to his home. He goes to the nearest airport and waves the flag.

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