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A NUMBER of gamers have reported being locked out of accounts that hold one of their gaming libraries.

Once they are locked out the account is deleted and all of the purchased games with it.

It was previously reported that the issue occurs to people who have previously purchased games but are not currently actively playing them.

However, clarification from Ubisoft has shown that accounts with purchased games are not eligible for deletion.

This rule also goes for subscriptions to existing games, ensuring that money is not lost.

Some people have reported receiving an email from Ubisoft, giving notice that their Ubisoft accounts will soon be cancelled.

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If their account is closed, they lose access to all of their Ubisoft games, including series such as Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry.

However, it seems these closures will not happen due to only inactivity.

Some has reported that their accounts were closed and that they lost access to your games, but there is no confirmation that this was due to inactivity.

Ubisoft's game service used to be called Uplay, and worked similarly to Steam.

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Players would have to download the Ubisoft Game Launcher, later renamed Uplay client, in order to play Ubisoft games on PC.

Uplay rebranded as Ubisoft Connect in October 2020, and all of the games moved to Ubisoft Connect.

Apparently, some players are not signing into their Ubisoft accounts that often.

The change is now making a difference to players, and many are receiving emails that their accounts will soon be deleted.

While Ubisoft claims that it will not shut down accounts for a minimum of four years, it is required to shut down inactive accounts due to privacy concerns.

This issue has risen up in the past, but it seems that more people have been noticing the problem recently.

Players are advised to sign into their Ubisoft accounts periodically to prevent account closure.

Be vigilant in checking the email associated with your Ubisoft account, or if it is an email you no longer use, be sure to change it on your account.

If you receive an email from Ubisoft, you will have 30 days to act before your account is closed.

There will be a link within the email that you have to click in order to keep your account active.

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This will cancel your account closure, and your access will remain valid.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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