‘Game-changing’ item to ‘instantly’ remove washing machine odours

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Daily Express shares washing machine cleaning hacks

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While washing machines are constantly doused in warm water, soap, bleach, and other cleaners meant to get the stains and smell out of clothes, they still need to be cleaned. Cleaning a washing machine regularly will keep it free from mould and that smelly, musty odour some washing machines give out. But households don’t need to buy any additional detergents or washing machine cleaning products, as Mrs Hinch fans have suggested an item most will already own that they use to clean other parts of their home.

Taking to Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips on Facebook, one woman was struggling with her washing machine constantly smelling foul.

Becky Joanne Going wrote: “Hi guys! To put it blunt I’ve got a smelly washing machine. I put some of that Fabulousa washing machine cleaner in it the other week and since then it’s been smelly. 

“I’ve cleaned all inside with bleach and even did a cycle with just pure bleach. That seemed to have worked but only for like two to three days.

“Please for the love of God I need some advice. What do you guys do to keep your machines from smelling?

“Also it [the machine] smells damp/musty but the clothes are still coming out smelling nice with my detergent.”

Cleaning enthusiasts were quick to share their advice, with the majority recommending Becky use soda crystals.

Sue Marcham said: “Cup of soda crystals and white vinegar will sort it out. I have seen quite a few comments where people have used Fabulous and said the same.

“You can put it in the drawer, where soap powder goes and vinegar in the softener bit. I just bung it in.”

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In response to Sue, Karen Gray replied: “Your suggestion just worked on my washer.”

Teresa Holden said: “Soda crystals and white vinegar on the hottest cycle. I was recommended soda crystals by the engineer who serviced my washing machine, and let me tell you it’s a game changer. 

“It works instantly to remove nasty dirt and odours. I use it at least once a month.”

Sue Fear commented: “Try a hot wash with soda crystals and if possible leave the door and drawer open after each wash. I dry the rubber and drawer when the machine has finished as well.”

Elaine Pearce wrote: “A large scoop of soda crystals with every wash keeps the machine clean as well as your clothes.”

Elizabeth Bird suggested: “Soda crystals in every wash, just a scoop, white vinegar on an empty machine on a quick wash once a week. Leave the door ajar maybe overnight.”

Soda crystals are known for their ability to cut through grease, stains and dirt in laundry. They can also be used to give the washing machine itself a good clean.

Experts from cleaning brand Dri Pak shared that households can clean inside the drum with soda crystals too. They said: “Pour half a packet of the soda crystals into the drum.

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“What these do is help to flush away any debris and build up from inside the drum and the waste pipe, leaving the machine smelling nice and fresh.” This should dissolve any detergent residue and limescale.

Then to clean the seal and the drawer the experts suggested using white vinegar and a toothbrush.

Homeowners should put their machine on the hottest cycle when cleaning it with soda crystals and white vinegar.

Soda crystals can be purchased from Sainsbury’s for £1.70 and at Tesco and Asda for £2.

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