GalaxyThe spiral galaxy containing our solar system…

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GalaxyThe spiral galaxy containing our solar system. Perhaps the language barrier must have been broken long ago. The voice is too kind and has so many good intentions. S tall and tousled, like he just stepped from a hot desert floor. S not going to let you get the drop on him again. Ll take you to where all my other servants are being kept. He looks at you for a moment, then raises an eyebrow. He says, then shakes his head and walks closer to the door. He walks over to the door, opens it and steps out. He stands there a few moments, then turns and walks back in. S just a little irritated, but he says nothing and heads back out the door. You take a deep breath and step up to the door to the throne room. There is the Emperor, lying on a fluffy blue and white feather bed, completely naked and sleeping. In his hand is a small, round, red and white birdcage with a glass top.

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