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You get off work and head down to the branch office of Your Money, Your Choice. You have your debit card and some dollars to deposit. 5,000 and get your withdrawal done in 20 minutes. The next day you are back to work on the internet, buying more stocks. The Canadian dollar has depreciated so much that it makes the United States dollar look like the go-to currency by comparison. You deposit your Canadian money back into your account. You dont need your debit card, youre too damn scared to use it right now. Youre so scared that you decide to just use your debit card. You deposit your Canadian money back onto your debit card. You withdraw your Canadian money and spend it all on something useless, food and drinks. You buy less than you would normally, more than you ever have before. You make a list of your future purchases. 5,000 and start to go through your items of need. You buy a few things on your wish list and put the rest aside. You dont see the need to get out of bed for a week. During the week you think about all the things you would like to buy, but only buy those things you really feel are necessary for the week. You dont feel like doing anything else really. You dont have enough money to travel, so the only thing you do is save a few dollars and go to the movies on Wednesday. There you meet your old friend the stripper, and buy her a.

This article about Canada saving bonds