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So this book is a one semester course in social research. S the case, because they even say so in the book. M out in the real world instead of here in this library. T have the background information on social science research. June : A lot of them are probably going to judge me with bias, regardless of my knowledge of the subject matter. Re supposed to be an adult, so you should have at least a basic understanding of the social sciences. June : This is supposed to be a one semester course. June : And why is there a preface on how to avoid bias on every single page of this thing. S not like this book is going to come with a bunch of disclaimers attached to it. June : Maybe I should just disregard the book and use my own judgement of how to research things, instead of being told how to research things, every time. June : Thanks a lot for the book, and here I thought this book would come with information on how to avoid being biased on every single page of every single book. June : Anyway, I guess I should get back to my duties as a clerk. June : This one looks like it could be used for general information, like what textbooks are used to get a degree in whatever subject. S probably a section on this one that explains how to find the cheapest courses from the cheapest professors. June : This is probably a good section to do a little bit of research on before starting our one semester class. You got a stack of books that look like they might be helpful for me to use.

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