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You think to yourself and then call the number back. T sound like a computer, but like your own, which makes you think that it might be a real person on the other end of the phone. I was wondering if your room could be available tonight or any night during the week as we are having some family over. S a Sunday right now and I can get it done Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday. T particularly have any extra guests at the moment because my other roommate is out right now, but should be able to squeeze in anyone that is available that day. Could I call you as late as I want for the weekend. T have some sort of robot phone system in place. Well okay, but could I call you at all on Friday night. Friday night is also a night on which most of my friends are at a bar, so I would have to get the room a little earlier on Friday night to get in, so Friday night is definitely not my time to accept reservations. Ve got a few minutes to kill before you have to get ready to go do something. You start making some calls, but the first one that comes in is to a long distance phone line. T go through and you hang up. The guy on the other end stops answering after a few rings. You try the Salvation Army in your city, but the Salvation Army.

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