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The idea is, in any way you can, to be shopping at Walmart, instead of driving down, or even on, I-84 to get to the store. In other words, your car may be your best way to get to work, but it still comes with an inherent cost. For most of us, those costs are likely going to be the gas, tolls, repairs and wear and tear on the car. Walmart, on the other hand, has been making strides in reducing these costs for decades. As a whole, theyre a lot more savvy about driving to and from you. Youre no stranger to the idea, either, given how convenient theyve become to shop at. When shopping at Walmart, you dont have to worry about parking or paying extra for a space. When you need to go, store employees are here to help with that process, too. You dont have to worry about those pesky returns either. Walmart offers a return policy so you dont have to worry about that either. All you have to do is return items in new, unworn condition. The world is in a lot of pain, says Jennifer, the cashier at the Walmart youre headed to for a visit. People are really struggling to get things when they want them. People arent sure what theyre going to do next. It would appear that many people are feeling the pinch this time of year, and Walmart is offering more than just a discount to help in your search for an alternative to relying on your vehicle. For the next three hours, youre going to be able to shop at Walmart, even though youve never shopped there before. If we had an employee here today, my guess is that most of their friends and family are coming in as well, notes the cashier. As it turns out, Jennifers right: There does seem to be an added sense of community that youll be able to shop together, whether or not youre in the same area. My mom lives less than half a mile away from here, says Jennifer. Jennifer is the co-founder of the Black and Pink Alliance, a local chapter of the national, nationally distributed organization. The organization is dedicated to supporting and advocating for women of color, including Black and Brown women, in the retail industry. Shes been in the industry since 1997, when she first started working at a Walmart in Illinois. Since then, shes worked her way up to managing director positions at stores in Florida and in California. I was like Hey, why dont I start this organization. I always kind of wondered if anything like this existed in the local community, because its really hard to do, she explains. And its really hard to do because I mean not only do we.

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