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I am going to buy the new 2021 Mercedes GLA 220D 4MATIC soon and want to know if I should opt for Merc’s dash cam and park-assist fittings or look for a better deal?

John Varghese, via email

While it would be substantially more expensive, we suggest you go with the original Mercedes-Benz accessories for both the dash cam as well as park-assist functionalities for your new car. As these parts come with their own set of wiring harnesses that are designed to tap into the existing wiring of the car to draw power, they do not need any unnecessary cuts or splices that will affect the vehicle warranty. This is especially crucial in such an electronics-intensive car.

Also, the original dash cam accessory offers a factory-like concealed finish, with no dangling cables inside the cabin, keeping it neat and tidy.

I drive the Hyundai Creta E plus with 16-inch steel wheels. I would like to shift to 16- or 17-inch alloys. Which is a good brand of alloy wheels? Do I need to change the tyres if I go with same 16-inch alloys? Please recommend outlets in Mumbai.

Narendra, Mumbai

For a 17-inch rim, the Hyundai Creta would require 7.5J or 8.0J alloy wheels with a positive offset of ET40 or ET35, respectively.

On the other hand, a 16-inch rim would require 6.5J or 7.0J alloy wheels with a positive offset of ET49 or ET40, respectively.

For upgrading to 17-inch rims, you can opt for 215/60-R17 tyres — available options are Pirelli Scorpion Verde or Bridgestone Dueler HP. Among Indian manufacturers Apollo and JK are also available.

The pitch circle diameter (PCD) for the Creta is 114.3mm and the wheel hub will accommodate alloy wheels with five lug nuts.

You can opt for brands such as Lenso, Plati, HRS, GTR Pro, Momo, BBS and Enkei, which offer a wide variety of attractive designs and assured top-notch quality.

With respect to a reputed outlet for procurement and fitment in Mumbai, Saifee Tyre Service in Santacruz or AutoNova in Chembur have some of the top user ratings online.

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