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Free enterprise is a type of economy where products, prices, and services are determined by the market, not the government. So, free enterprise refers to an economy where businesses are free from government control.

It, refers to, a type, of economy, where economic activity, is not controlling people, businesses. To see some examples with more details about how these two categories can occur, check out the following links:How Free-enterprise and Open-source economies resemble each otherThe free-enterprise economy and open-source economy are extremely similar to each other. Both models can be considered free because they do not require any government involvement in their creation and delivery of content. They can be seen as open because they can be easily understood by anyone regardless of a particular platform or a particular viewpoint. They also can be seen as free because they produce content at very low cost to the individual. Both free-enterprise economies and open-source economies benefit from the fact that the individual is in control of his own intellectual property. He can freely publish it and the people around him can freely consume it. Heshe is also free from any government censorship. Heshe doesnt have to worry about whether or not he can make a profit. He or she can make a big profit on hisher content creation on a small pool of capital that is not dependent on another person, or government, making money. A person who is involved in an open-source economy is free from any government controlled platform. He, or she, can get hisher content out there and get paid for it through many different monetization methods. The source code is not controlled by a single entity and users can make their own decisions based on the merits of his, or her, work. An open-source economy is a wonderful combination of free-enterprise economy and open-source economy, and it is the ideal economic system you should try to get involved in.

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