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S all so much more than just a relaxing day at the beach. T even know all the interesting things that go on up there yet. You walk from building to building for a while, enjoying your vacation here. Re looking at the castle you suddenly hear a lot of noise going on back in the city. T you want to get some refreshing water right now. You see several people just hanging around, talking and perhaps even bopping each other on the butt. As you reach the edge of the dock you see several people also doing the same thing. The people in the water start splashing you with dirty water. S definitely refreshing to get some clean water, no matter where you are. Re enjoying yourself, you also see a few other people on the other side of the river, who have broken into their own little party. Re clearly having one right on the water. Re splashing each other with beer cans, laughing and generally behaving rather inappropriately. Re probably from the nearby town, so maybe they will at least clean up their act. Re going to have to get used to this in a few days. S not like this town is a safe one anymore. Ve heard news of a few of the more dangerous criminals and gang members going to the big city. Re relaxing in the water, you get the idea to get some more information about this place, which is the location of Castle Frankenstein, which is the home of the notorious scientist. Ll just do some research on this castle and the rest of your vacation. With that in mind, you proceed to read the castle descriptions.

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