Former Clinton pollster on 'America's Newsroom': Biden poll numbers a 'dire situation'

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Former Clinton pollster: The polls are a ‘dire situation’ calling for Biden to do a pivot

Former Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway and former Clinton pollster Mark Penn on inflation concerns.

A former Clinton pollster said Wednesday President Biden is in a “dire situation” when it comes to the poll numbers ahead of the midterm elections.

“People question some of the competence. The generic horse race in our poll is Republicans by six points. This is a dire situation calling for the president to do a pivot,” Stagwell Inc. chairman and CEO Mark Penn told “America’s Newsroom.”

Penn told host Dana Perino it’s “clear” Biden has not made a pivot to address ongoing issues in the U.S.

“So if they don’t make a pivot and they double down, as they continually seem to be doing with the big tax and spend budget now, then I think the polls will be realized. This is their opportunity to know in advance and they’re not making the changes one would normally make to regain the trust of the voters.”

President Joe Biden speaks at the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference
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Former Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway said the polls make it very clear that the Biden administration needs a course correction.

“It’s very clear that the erosion of confidence in Biden’s competence as a president to be able to get the economy restarted and get gas prices down to where we had recently is not happening. I think unlike the clips of President Bill Clinton, even President Barack Obama, both of whom suffered massive losses in their first midterm elections, this White House doesn’t seem able to do that course correction,” she said.

Conway said that Americans are not blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for issues in the United States, they are blaming Biden.

Fox News Jessica Chasmar contributed to this report.

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