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And now that I think about it, I think this is a pretty good description. The FBI are a kind of government organization that performs some sort of investigative function, but thats really about it. You use your skills as a forensic scientistI guess you could use some forensic science skills. Well I was actually a doctor before I transferred here, but my specialty was medical techniques. I was also a professor here at a university level before I graduated, but that wasnt a full-time position. Then I did some work for the government as a researcher and I did some work for the university, but Im primarily here for my job. Alphys looks down at the table for several moments. Im also sorry, but Im not allowed to tell you much else. Youre a potential suspect and you have the right to remain silent. The government could also just blow up your house and your body. Im sorry it cant be made easier for you. Youre not sure what happened, but you find yourself losing ground. Im sorry I dont remember anything, but I dont think I did. I dont know, I remember seeing you with those weird purple monsters. I dont know why Im saying all this. Its at this point, you decide youd rather have your family home than go on a strange trip in unknown territory. I have to go home, I guess, you tell her. In the meantime, you can stay here to sleep and get some rest, and when Im ready, Ill pick you up. Thank you for helping me, you say, holding out your hand. If it helps, Im sorry that I cant remember much. Then you head back to your own bed. You fall asleep, but wake up to the TV still on. Youre probably getting older and getting sicker and you really dont want to think about it.

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