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You change the air currents around you into a tornadoA tornado is characterized by wind and gusty air currents swirling around and forming into vortexes. Therefor, you will create a tornado around you. Ve created and channel the power of the wind through your body. You feel yourself being torn apart and your skin and flesh turning to ash. You feel yourself being torn apart and you feel this form and feel this being. The last sensation you feel is a sense of loss. The wind begins to die down and your skin begins to feel hotter. Suddenly, you feel a force like that of a truck hitting you hard. You feel yourself being lifted off your feet and your body begins to burn. You begin to feel your soul being sucked into the air and sucked in into the vortex of the tornado. You feel nothing more for your life than air. You feel nothing more than air. Ve been holding yourself together for so long that your body feels like jelly and your soul feels so lost. When you were alive, you had to fight every day. Now that you are dead, you have to fight a lot less. So you try to concentrate on the wind currents around you. Just focusing on the current and focusing on your own heart has you standing straight up again. You can even fight through the pain that you feel in your head again. For a long time after you regained consciousness, you just stood there and let the wind currents carry you away. The last person to leave had been the strange man and his son. This makes you happy, because it has been a long time since you were able to just be happy. M going to go get my sister. You utter and immediately find a comfortable chair to sit in. You have been living in a hotel for quite some time now, so your room is the exact same one you had as a child. T shake this feeling that you should be somewhere else.

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