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Re not really much good to anyone right now. S when you first hear the news that Mary has died as a result of the bomb blasts. You see that something very bad has happened to the community of New Marais. Re doing right now in your underground shelter. Ll be happy to survive it all, at least for awhile. You spend much of your time contemplating your future which means you spend time in your new shelter, thinking about the past which means you continue to use your new shelter. S more comfortable than you thought it was, it even smells nicer than you thought it would. You can even imagine yourself having children someday and having a decent life. T ended, but rather morphed into one of many different forms of existence. T help but wonder if it will come to you. Ve had time to reflect on life and death. Life is precious, but Death is just too damn important to not take into account. Re just going to be left alone in a barren world. T even like you know what the hell.

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