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A MOTORS expert has revealed five easy tricks to help your engine last forever.

Mark from Exotic Car Play Place took to his YouTube channel to explain how drivers can save hundreds on maintenance costs.

Take care of your oil

First of all, Mark urged viewers to remember that oil is the "lifeblood" of their engines, so keeping it in good condition is vital.

This includes regular oil changes, topping up your oil when needed and checking that it is clean.

Fresh oil should be a clear red or amber colour, usually changing to a darker brown or black once it's gone through your engine.

If your oil has noticeable amounts of grit or debris in it, it is probably a good idea to get it checked or changed.



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Oil change intervals vary by model and can be found in your owner's manual but a rule of thumb is every 5,000 to 7,000 miles.

Check the oil level weekly and add a little more if it is running low.

Likewise, be sure to watch out for leaks which can lead to burning oil scorching engine parts, damaging them or leading to carbon buildup.

Mark also advised shelling out on quality parts like oil filters to save yourself time and money on oil servicing.

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Look out for warning signs

Mark said: "Don't ignore the warning signs.

"Is it making a different noise, is there a check engine light?

"It's almost like your own personal health, if something's not quite right…go see a doctor."

Strange noises and warning lights can be symptoms of a vast range of issues but it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Paying £40 or £50 for a service is far preferable to several hundred pounds to have your engine repaired or even replaced.

Reduce the strain on the engine

One of the best ways to extend your engine's life is simply being nice to your motor.

Keeping the car as light as possible, driving gently, braking steadily and accelerating gradually will all reduce the load the engine has to take on.

When manufacturers test engines they do make sure they can stand up to stress, but most are not designed to be working overtime over long periods.

Another great tip is to try and keep your revs as low as possible and shift up as early as possible to allow the engine to maintain a consistent rhythm.

Do not skip maintenance

It's related to Mark's first tip but keeping up to date with your maintenance is essential to extend the life of your car.

In the UK, an MOT is required once a year after an initial three-year period for new cars so it's easy to pop it in for a service while you're at the garage.

However, be sure to keep on top of things beyond just your yearly service.

Consult your owner's manual for intervals for changing oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, filters and tyres.

Also make sure to get any issues checked out and repaired immediately.

Warm up and cool down

Mark claimed that warming up and cooling down your car is essential if you want to keep it around for more than five years.

Let your engine run for a minute or two before setting off, especially on cold days, to allow the fluids to heat up and circulate.

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Likewise, when you get to your destination, give the car a moment to idle before switching the engine off just to let everything start to cool.

Mark warned: "If you religiously misbehave and you run the car hard…it could create a lot of headache for you."

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