‘First impressions count’: Home improvements that can boost value by £5,000

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Martin Roberts gives tips for getting on the property ladder

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When it comes to selling a property “first impressions count”, so it is important to make it as appealing as possible so that potential buyers can imagine themselves living in it. Implementing simple changes can seriously increase the chances of selling a property at a higher value, according to one expert.

Craig Bray, Divisional Director at Yopa estate agents said: “Would-be sellers can really boost the value of their property with some simple, tactful renovations. 

“At Yopa we estimate that simply improving your property’s ‘kerb appeal’ with a freshly painted exterior, clean windows, clear gutters, a tidy driveway and a freshly painted front door can boost the value of a property by up to 10 percent.

“First impressions count, and the outside of your property is the first thing potential buyers will see, both when browsing online and in person at a viewing.” 

Recent research from Evolution Money found that 68 percent of house-hunters said they could be persuaded to offer more money for a home with ‘kerb appeal’, with 30 percent prepared to offer an extra £5,000 or more.

They also found that 93 percent surveyed said that they would pass judgement on a property by how it looks from the outside, and that the ‘kerb appeal really does matter to them.

It’s common knowledge that a presentable home is a winner when it comes to selling up but there are a few certain external property features that potential buyers like to see.

Double glazed windows

One feature house buyers want that won’t necessarily be obvious when looking around your home are double glazed windows. 

However, noisy roads can impact the value of a property.

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The hassle and expenses of changing single glazing can put prospective viewers off, so adding these insulating and noise-reducing windows can make all the difference when selling a home.

A well maintained roof

The roof is one of the things prospective buyers will see first before entering the property. 

A new roof could also accelerate the selling time as well as the value because it improves the safety and structural integrity of the house.

Freshly painted walls

Adding a fresh coat of paint is one of the most popular home improvements you can make to a property, not to mention how cost effective it is to do.

Well maintained garden

A beautifully decorated garden would do wonders for a property’s value. It should feel like an extra space for relaxing or entertaining, rather than an area that will never be used.

A freshly painted front door

Potentially very appealing to buyers, the front door should get a lick of paint

Tasteful doorknobs and letterboxes will help. Consider a plant or hanging basket to add style beside the front of the home.

A freshly mown garden with no weeds

A simple, neat lawned garden is maybe surprising to be one of the features house buyers want. 

Although it may not have been on their wish list, keeping the garden this way acts as a clean canvas for buyers to imagine how they might landscape or use the space. 

Additionally, buyers don’t have to worry about the expense of the upkeep or removal of busy planting.

A security camera

Having a security camera set up and running in a home is proving to be one of those features house buyers want this year. Whether it’s a smart doorbell, security cameras or an alarm, these are worth adding in. 

Now that these security elements are so commonplace, you can install a security camera without much cost or hassle but with added bonus points from potential buyers.

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