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The World Of Football By Nathaniel Davison, Volume 19, Year 24. As you continue through the airport, you pass through immigration, passing through metal detectors, and walk through a more traditional security check; its more of the same, but the amount of people seems to dramatically increase. You go through a security area and find yourself in a room that looks very much like a check-in area of a hotel, except the walls and the floor are made out of plastic, and there are high-tech wand-like machines keeping track of every item on your person. As you stand there in awe, a woman with a clipboard comes up to you to tell you to put your bags in the bag bins. You leaveYou shake your head, but then you remember, this is all a test. And as hard as you try, you cant resist these tests. You head back to the security check, and as you move through a room full of people, trying to keep a relatively low profile, suddenly you sense something not quite right. In the corner of your eye, you see a light, and you move towards it and then it disappears, as do several others, as you look around and see something that might be related to the device you took from the locker. You look to the left, to your left, and then to your right, as you try to make sense of what is going on, and what youre going to do about it. In the corner of your eye, you see something blue. At first you think theyre goggles, which you take off, but now one of them is gone. You turn to see a man wearing sunglasses, with a clipboard and pen in his hand. In the corner of your eye you see something moving in the bag. You look at the woman, and she looks at you, as you stare around at the other people. You start thinking, Youve got to make a choice before they notice you taking something off. You check the bagYou check the bag, and see that the white object is a small, round object with a bright light inside, but no wires running along it. The object moves closer to you, moving from your right arm right to the line of your left eye. You pull the object toward you, looking up at the sky. You open your eyes and see a green, round object, slowly moving up from your left shoulder.

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