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Things were going well for a time, with the addition of a couple of people and a change in their routine, a chance meeting was supposed to be a good time. A chance meeting, but what would happen if one of you made a fool of yourself in the attempt. Come on, we are going to make an effort to make this work, you say and pull the girl into your arms. I think you need to be more patient, she says. Well if its going to fail, then there has to be a better idea than pretending to be our friend and then turning the tables and. Uhh, you look down and shake your head. You are not a bad person, you just had too many thoughts going on at once that you had to be controlled. You did not want to be a leader, but your mind was occupied with thoughts of other things, and then when you were forced to be one, you had only one thought. I will not let you control my mind, but if I was going to make a move on you, I would have done it before now. I have learned a lot from you, so I think I can do this, you say and grab her hand. I should never be doing this, she says, and then she presses her lips to yours. Yes, you say, and she pushes your hands away. You gasp as she begins to kiss you with increasing force. Her hands begin to run through your hair, and it only takes a few seconds for the kiss to become wild and passionate. The rush of the drugs is slowly giving way to the rush of pleasure. Your mind is swimming with thoughts of ways to change this situation. You are going to have to do something very quick. You grab her and pull her into your arms tightly. You push her against the wall and kiss her deeply. The drugs are taking effect as she begins to buck and grind her ass against you. You grab her by the hair, and then slam her face into your collar. She is unable to breath, but you can sense that this is a very strong drug, and that if it was the whole world, there would be a long time between the physical and mental effects.

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