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Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jordan Henderson: Gareth Southgate. With Liverpool in the last week of the season, and it looking like they will miss out on European competition, Firmino and Liverpool players are discussing whether or not they should take the final year of their contracts and leave, with the players union SFL stating that it would be illegal for players to have any sort of agreement. 4 million USD is being prepared for Liverpool and Firmino, to stay. In light of this, the players union are attempting to negotiate a settlement with the club in which Firmino will be released from his contract, and the contract will be worth less than it currently is with an obligation to leave. Firmino and Liverpool have a year left before the 2016-2017 season begins, and their desire is to continue their Premier League title reign and have home advantage throughout the Champions League next season in order to continue their chances of winning trophies in the future. If they do not do these two things, they will be released from their contracts, and the players would be able to sign for more lucrative offers elsewhere. The players union argue that in the interests of club and player, it should be possible to reach a settlement that ensures Liverpool is able to retain Firmino and the club is also awarded the 2016-2017 season home advantage in both the Champions League and the domestic cup competitions. Liverpools argument is simple enough, they would like to retain Firmino and all of their players as long as possible in the best interests of themselves, their fans, their club, and the Premier League. In the long-term, the Premier League has a better chance of winning trophies with a stronger home advantage, the argument goes, and a stronger home advantage is what is most important at a club like Liverpool. This is a complicated situation with a lot of moving parts going on, all of which will have huge implications for a long time to come. What the players union wont win:Firmino will be granted a release from his contract. A release is a guarantee that the player will leave, even if it is only for a temporary period of time. Firmino will not be able to say hell be back. If the club refuses to release him, then the player will appeal the decision to the EFL, English Football League, and if the EFL refuses too, then to UEFA. If UEFA dont agree with Liverpool, then Liverpool could well be in even bigger trouble. If the EFL, the EFL appeals the decision, then UEFA could refuse the decision and Liverpool could be ordered to play through the season without Firmino and.

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