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You are not about to spend your remaining years in the world in a place where this kind of thing may have been happening, and you were about to get shot. You dont really know what this is about, since you cant trust people, and youre just going to be living in a big pile of dead bodies forever, but youre intrigued enough that you grab for your pen and paper in the hopes that you can write something down to pass the time. You write an apology, for stealing food, You dont think that what you did was as bad as it sounds. You write an apology to the people you think youve wronged:Dear Ms. Smith, name redacted I assure you that I didnt mean to cause you any distress. Im sorry that I broke the law and that I hurt your feelings. I will return the money as soon as possible, but until then, Im really sorry. And then you type a quick status update to let them know youre on your way, since you have absolutely no idea what the hell youre doing in the first place and would like to get home as fast as possible. You dont even know how to get back the way you came, and you dont want to bother getting lost. You spend your time trying to get in the city proper, as there is obviously a way, but the city is a wasteland. It doesnt look like all of it was reduced to rubble to make a bombs nest, its all just rubble and dust. You dont know how youre going to get anywhere. It isnt like you have a map with you or something, you think to yourself. Its even more disheartening when you enter one of the buildings that you thought you were familiar with, only to find it is nothing like what you remember it being. Youve been living under a rock since you left your hometown. Youre going to have to look all of it up again. Youre not sure whats going to come next, but you have one last thing to do before you exit this city in the morning and head back to the country. You must try to contact your family. You look for the phone, and find that theres no way to make a call. Even if you had money, it doesnt look like theyd be able to get help, not in a place like this. Youd better think of something else to do. You look at the newspaper you found and try to look up every single story about this place you can.

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