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You mail it off to the address on the inside cover and you have so many questions. You mail the mail to the address on the inside cover. You mail the mail to a random address, which turns out to be the address on the inside cover. Ve had a good track record with Wynn Resorts. Jones,Your new position as CEO of Wynn Resorts will let you make significant changes to your future with us immediately. We must inform you that your position is only temporary. This should give you an idea of what your future might hold. Ll be embroiled, so the next best thing is to just send the stupid email back. Re met with the following email:From: Subject: Re: Welcome to Wynn. S my hope that I can build up more of a rapport with you guys that will help me make decisions that will benefit all of us. I know that I just got the job and that there will be a lot that needs to be done. I just wanted to ask if you could help me with something as simple as responding to your email.

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