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You type a few more letters, and then send the message. Then, you type a few more and send them. You send out a few more messages. You say to yourself and put down the phone in defeat. Ve been sending out these messages non-stop. Ve been typing away at your computer and your phone non-stop. You get up and try to ignore the buzzing of your phone, but its too distracting. You get in your car and make your way to your usual convenience store. You grab some breakfast and head on to the store. Re getting your food, you get a knock on the door. You pop your cereal and get up to answer it. The door opens up to a man of average height, with sandy colored hair and a goatee. S dressed in a business suit rather then the typical t-shirt and jeans that most of the people here wear. Re looking a little happier today than you did last night. Re here to see your parents, huh. So then I thought maybe your house maybe had been broken into and my car was vandalized, but when I went to look I found out it had been cleared out and the place looked pretty much normal.

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