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You need to get the hell out of here. You jump to the ground when you hear the gunshot ringing out in your ear and as youre running, your hands quickly become covered with blood, but this is a common occurrence after your time in the city. You manage to make it out of the bar and make it to the subway entrance. A young man asks, grabbing your hand. You tell him to go get helpYeah, Im okay. Just heard a gunshot in that direction, you mutter. Youre still not the boss, he says, shaking your hand. As you make your way back to the city, you wonder if you should just take cover and wait this out. You hide in one of the back rooms in the barHey, Ive gotta hide in a back room, you say. Its not like theres a shotgun in there or anything. You sure you dont want to go back. I just cant go out like I did last time, with no way to protect myself. If I just leave, Im going to get killed. Well Im pretty sure you can still get around pretty quickly if you need to, so thats probably where youre going to wait out. As you hide in a back room in the bar, you hear the gunshots and the screams of the victims.

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