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Customer Service Representative Resume ExampleName Name is the first thing you should put on your resume. It will show other people that you actually know your stuff. OccupationI cant believe this is the first thing I should write down on my resume, but hey, this is my first job. I was just a lowly telephone operator for an insurance company, but I think I got by. I went straight from my parents house to work at home. SkillsYou need to list at least three skills. Professional ExperienceI have no professional experience whatsoever. At least have a short list of your job titles and jobs. It will show people that you actually know how to do your job. EducationI attended a community college and I didnt qualify for any of the summer jobs like at a fast food joint. I learned a lot working at the corner store too. I think I will earn my Associates Degree in the future. ExperienceI have had some experience such as answering the phone and answering e-mail. This was a long time ago and I dont have my current phone book anymore. In fact, I dont even have my own e-mail address anymore. I am currently employed as a Customer Service Representative for a local electronics store. I just wrote an excellent customer service phone book. I recommend that you try to learn from my mistakes. Resume FormatI cant believe Im writing a resume. I kept thinking to myself until I wrote down my resume. I had forgotten how frustrating and annoying it can be to write a resume. You have to make this simple so the person reading it can read more quickly without having to read all your resume. I hope this guide on how to make a resume is helpful to you. If it was, you should definitely check out the customer service representative resume template. It will let you write a resume for a job that doesnt require much experience. In any case, if you are ready, lets get started. Download Our Employee Resume Templates Here, A huge.

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