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You leaveYou dont feel like staying, youll be wasting energy and possibly being stalked by her. Youll find a place to sleep again and then you can take stock and plan your next move. You turn on your radio and listen, but everything is still on normal. You wonder if the entire system has fallen into chaos. Then suddenly a loud and clear voice comes through, its a womans voice. You check radioYou look at your hand, and you see a small battery-powered transmitter on your palm, connected to the radio, like a wristwatch. The radio immediately buzzes and blares at you, and then you hear a voice. Hello, a womans voice says, Im on your radio. Hold on, you say, Im a friend, Ill come help you. You wait a few momentsSuddenly, your hand stops waving, and suddenly, the radio suddenly turns down. It stops beeping, and then the woman says, I have good news and I have bad news. The good news, is that youre in a town called New Haven. Theres a hospital there, and a post office, and there are some farms around here. You can stay there, and theyll probably give you food and shelter until the storm dies down. Youre not in New Haven, Im a stranger to you. Youre at a place called Freeport, not far to the west. Theres a bar, a little convenience store there. The places open, a lot of people are there, plenty of food and drinks. You could walk straight for a few miles to the town of Arenal, which used to be part of the Confederacy, and have a place there for the night. I dont know which is better, you say. You go back to herIll go try and find some food, and then Ill go back, you say. Ill go see whats there and Ill hopefully find something thatll keep me safe and hopefully find something thatll keep her alive. Eventually you see a signpost, and then some houses. You ask her where to eatYou ask her where to eat. She tells you that she has a few recipes, but asks you to ask the local townspeople and vendors for ideas. You ask her where to get some drinks. Some sort of liquor store might be a good place.

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