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A safe and bank are just two examples of safe that are financial in nature. So what makes the safe and bank different from a safe that holds the coins. The coins can be stored at any bank and are considered financial securities. The bank would hold the coins, but the bank would not be considered a financial institution. It comes from the definition of financial security of the term financial instrument and the term secure means to keep or keep under lock and key. A safe might not be considered financial in nature, but you could buy a safe. If the bank you store your coins at is considered a financial institution and it has a lien on your coins because you are in default, would you want to risk taking that lien outside the bank. For example, a bank is considered to be a financial institution for the purposes of law, but in terms of security, your coins are still your coins. You want to be sure because this could be very expensive. You wouldnt do it if you didnt plan to move out of money problems. You would need a safe that is well sealed and protected from the elements. The most commonly used and accepted type of safes are vault safes where the money is kept in a vault that is normally separated from the outside world by a locked door. There is nothing to suggest that the contents would not be at risk if you had the door opened. You look at the coin boxes in your parents basement and they are not considered vault safes. You cant say much about the value of the contents, but they are not considered safe in the sense that the contents cannot be at risk if you are in financial difficulty. So, you need to decide what type of safe you want to invest in. You buy a bank safeYou decide to buy a bank safe from a coin store. You can only imagine what a bank safes contents would be like in the hands of a thief. The store employee tells you that a bank safe is a special type of safe that is designed to be kept in a bank. The idea is that a thief or other criminal would break into the bank and take the contents of the safe, but a bank would never be in possession of the safe and would need to call the police to recover the contents. The cost of a bank safe would be expensive for the bank. There is something else that the employee doesnt tell you: The cost of a bank safe is dependent on its size. The larger the size of the safe, the more money you can expect the safe to contain.

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