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You change the Team of the Year because youre a FIFA fanNo. Who gives a shit why a team has got a high rating. Its not like theyre real players, you know. And since when have you ever been a FIFA fan. Thats a goddamn internet game, fuck it, its just supposed to be a game. This has just become so damn irritating of a game, and I dont want to play any more. The gameplay is hard, sure, but its also the fact you dont know whatll happen tomorrow thats a little irritating. This game has been fun for me, and I dont want to waste my time playing something that gets annoying. I just dont want to play my game anymore, I dont want to have to deal with it anymore, I dont want to deal with the pointless complaining that goes on. I dont want to deal with this damn game at all, ever. And I do this for everybody else, and Ill do it for you too, if you get off the fucking internet. Okay, I get what youre saying, but I dont see why I have to get off the fucking internet. Ill play this game when I want, and Ill keep playing it until I cant anymore. I dont want the internet to be my only connection to the world. Like I said, itll work for me, but I wont be playing with you fuckers anymore unless I want it to. See you back here some other time then, or maybe not, I dont fucking know anymore. You leave, shutting off the internet, and shutting the door. You dont want to play FIFA now.

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