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A RACE-WINNING car like the Ferrari 488 GT3 – the most successful vehicle in GT history – is meant to have a wheel entirely dedicated to it. 

Thanks to the well-established collaboration between Thrustmaster and Ferrari, the new Ferrari 488 GT3 Wheel Add-on will be available starting October 26.

We had the chance to try it out at length for a review.

Coming just a few months after the T818, which introduced Quick Release for the first time, this Wheel add-on taps into next-gen's potential.

However, Thrustmaster didn't forget about owners of older racing wheel bases. 

Inside the package, you find adapters allowing the wheel to cling to both the old and newer systems.

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Quick release's convenience is a tad lessened here as you have to apply 4 screws to hold the steering wheel in place on the base.

You could easily skip this step, especially if you like to change wheel add-ons based on your racing game. Just bear in mind that it may not stay firm in its slot.

That said, assembly is pretty straightforward, so if you don't have problems with screws you'll be fine.

The somewhat sparse look, compared to steering wheels full of screens and lights, is compensated for by the iconic Prancing Horse right in the center.

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On top of that, LEDs are visible when turning it on, which helps to elevate it just enough from the rest of the sets on similar prices.

When it comes to customisation options, you can adjust the noise and proximity of the shift levers on the back with a few screws.

It's not super accessible but is intuitive once you have the little screwdriver (included in the package) at hand. 

You will probably need to go through this process though, as the basic setting is very "clicky."

If you're on a GT car as in Assetto Corsa Competizione, you don't mind it, but with faster, more responsive single-seaters such as in F1 23, it can be a problem.

In any case, you have plenty of options, and it could easily be more a matter of getting used to it rather than a flaw.

LEDs only work on PS5 and PC, due to Xbox’s strict protocols, but they support both GT and Formula modes. 

You can freely adjust their intensity, and this is key as the lights are right on the ends of the wheel, which points towards your eyes and might be annoying.

It's a fairly simple design, with just four lights, but it's enough to give you information such as RPMs and when to shift gears in a split second.

Despite its stretched shape, helping distribute force feedback along its body, you immediately notice how precise, and how light it is. 

It's by no means a small steering wheel, but coming from the Formula Wheel Add-On Ferrari SF1000 Edition, you can clearly see how improved the handling is. It's so clean it's refreshing.

Despite being explicitly GT-tailored, it's multifaceted. 

We used it on a wide variety of games, from the recent Forza Motorsport to F1 23 without issues.

We even tested it on the upcoming EA Sports WRC, and considering it's a rally game, it was genuinely surprising to see it work that well.

It might be expensive, as it'll cost you £199.99, but the quality of the materials fully repays it. 

The buttons stay firmly in their housings, and never float around their slots as we've seen in similarly priced models.

The grips' rubber is another good example of that, as its excellent.

Gimmicks like fancy screens and LEDs will always have their appeal. However, the Ferrari 488 GT3 Wheel Add-on has all it takes to make it your new primary steering wheel.

Whether it's for its manufacturing quality, customization options or handling, it'll be in your hands for a long run.

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Written by Paolo Sirio on behalf of GLHF.

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