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You dont look into the possibility that he might be in jail. Even if he is a criminal, the idea that he is a mass murderer, let alone a serial killer, seems so far out of character that you decide to dismiss it. You decide to not press the subject as you are not willing to think about it that badly and you are still too upset by what has happened the other day. You go to the store and get something to drink. You say and turn and start to head to the front door. Is all you hear before you hear the sound of a door being slowly opened up. You look and see a heavily made up woman with long black hair walking out. She is dressed in a business suit and carries herself with a good amount of confidence that does not seem to be affected by what you have just heard from Mrs. She walks past you and to your door and closes it behind her. You just look at the open door and sigh as you remember that you need to get the kids to school. You head back upstairs and look out the window. You see your neighborhood is indeed in a state of disarray as you see cars being overturned on the road with people walking away from the damage as if in a daze. You look over your shoulder as you run and see a cop car speeding away with lights and sirens going off in an effort to bring you down and also stop the commotion. You turn and run down the sidewalk toward the road and there is no one to run with you, in fact your only companions are the birds that have been calling to you to leave the house all day. The sight of them takes your mind off of your situation for just a moment and you feel as if you can move again. As you are running you turn and glance left and right and see several firetrucks and police cars that have crashed into each other and parked on the scene. You remember the description of the car and the driver which only makes you feel worse. You run into the road and start to crawl along it as you keep on your running into the road motion until you finally hit the side of the building that your car crashed into. When you reach the side, you can only see a few feet behind you where the car has ended up and on the ground.

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