February 1991, in its combat phase, was a war waged …

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What is being argued for with regard to the use of nuclear weapons to kill those who have committed these crimes with this crime is not necessarily a moral issue, it is an attempt to defend the lives of the innocent. Now I ask you: Can you defend such a weapon of mass murder. And it will depend on your answer to another question: Can I believe you. If you need me for anything, just contact me. To: DavidSubject: Re: Can you defend using nukes. Dear David,You are, of course, fully entitled to use nuclear weapons against the criminals that the government has designated as our enemies. I am more concerned with whether you believe me when I tell you that I can. You see, youve sent me the samples youve requested. They show that I am, indeed, an effective weapon and that the weapons you have provided me do, indeed, prove my ability. Since youve chosen to test me against your enemies without my permission, I believe I need to know more about who you are before any decision can be made with respect to me. I need to know if you are a man who feels comfortable with the power and influence you seem to have, or if youre someone who has been born with a genetic predisposition that causes you to be fearful of death, and that is what has caused you to believe that I am not capable of any sort of harm. So I should believe you when you say that I should not use this weapon, right. Youve provided me with samples that could prove my ability, and that if I am right in what Im about to do, you are, in fact, lying about it. Youre a man with a history, and its there that I will find my own past.

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