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The one that catches your eye is the Walter Payton Award for Offensive Player of the Year. Yourself, Brandon Jacobs, Brandon Lloyd, Isaac Bruce, and Curtis Martin are the finalists that will compete in Orlando for the honor. The league has been growing for the last several years for the most part. The most recent expansion team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, have been doing well, but are not yet considered to being a contender, but that can all change once the new stadium opens. The Jacksonville Jaguars had been struggling since their last victory. The teams fans have been showing signs of discontent ever since their last championship in 1995. The buildings retractable roof has not only decreased the heat during the summer, but has kept the atmosphere cool during the cold winter months. The Jaguars have made the playoffs every season since the stadium opened, and currently lead the AFC South Division by a single game. They are one of only two undefeated teams in the division. The last time they started an entire season undefeated was in 1995. All of which makes you a little apprehensive about going to an upcoming game. You are about to board your flight to Tampa when you learn that it will only be four hours and ten minutes from Jacksonville to the new stadium. That will give you enough time to make the trip. If you do not make it to the game, you will still be back in time for your flight home. On the plane, your seatmate, who is a guy, tells you about the new stadium. He says that he cant wait for Saturdays game. He says that the team is winning and the atmosphere seems to be good. These things have always been good to you. As the flight is flying over the Florida coast, you notice a billboard that catches your attention. It depicts the stadium and mentions a price tag, but there are no other details. It makes you think about the stadiums price tag. When you get to your gate, you see that the gate attendant has the sign out and has been reading it out loud to everybody on the plane. No sooner have you taken your seat, when the gate attendant takes the sign and reads it out loud a second time. You got a twenty dollar voucher for your twenty dollar admission to the new Jaguar Stadium. At first you are upset, but then you remember that the voucher is.

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