‘Fast’ and ‘effectively’ methods to dry laundry without a tumble dryer

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Top tips for drying your laundry indoors

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Rising energy bills have made households look for more cost-effective ways to carry out everyday tasks like drying, washing and cooking food. Tumble dryers, in particular, are known for guzzling energy and can cost hundreds of pounds per year to run. Britons are now looking for alternative ways to dry clothes without using tumble dryers.

Cleaning and money-saving expert Penny from Sparkling Penny blog has shared five ways to dry clothes fast without needing to switch on the tumble dryer.

She explained: “If you don’t have a tumble dryer or you just don’t want to use one, there are more options than you would think for getting your clothing dry fast. Tumble dryers are a super convenient way to dry laundry quickly of course, but there are a lot of downsides too.

“Let’s start with electricity usage. Tumble dryers are one of the top consumers of electricity of all our domestic appliances. When you are trying to reduce your electricity bill, you will want to avoid using them.

“The second downside is the wear tumble dryers cause on clothes. Gradually fabrics become thin and wear out quicker, which is bad news if we are trying to cut down on household waste.

“I try to avoid using our tumble dryer as much as possible. I love to put my laundry outside on a rotary airer whenever possible. But sadly that’s not an option all year round.”

So how can you get your clothes to dry fast without a tumble dryer even when it’s raining outside?

1. Make sure clothes are spun thoroughly 

This is an important tip as the dryer Britons can get their clothes to begin with, the shorter the overall drying time will be.

To do this Penny advised running an extra spin cycle or pruning one separately at the end of the wash.

She also urged homeowners to avoid overfilling the washing machine. She said: “When you put too much in the drum the clothing doesn’t spin effectively. My rule of thumb is to make sure that my hand fits vertically on top of the washing.”

Another way to make sure laundry is spun properly is to get a spin dryer. Penny explained: “Spin dryers spin at a much higher rate than your washing machine and can get your clothes very close to 100 percent dry. 

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“I owned a spin dryer for several years which I found incredibly useful and effective when I had a ton of washing due to having two young children in washable nappies. You will be amazed at how much more water a spin dryer can take out of your clothes.”

2. Always shake out creases

Shake out as many creases as you can before you hang clothes out to dry. According to the cleaning enthusiast, crumpled clothing will take longer to dry.

3. Dry outside

When the weather is right, households can dry their clothes outside in just a couple of hours. 

Penny said: “For the quickest drying times choose a dry sunny or windy day. High humidity will slow down the drying time. 

“If the weather isn’t perfect make sure you allow as much air to circulate between items by spacing everything out on the line.”

The cleaning pro also advised homeowners to choose a good clothes line. She said: “I found that the best kind of line is a rotary because it can spin around in the wind and it’s very quick to load up.”

4. Use more than one drying rack or clothes horse

For those who need to dry their clothes fast without a dryer and they can’t dry outside, or the weather isn’t right, then they will need to dry inside instead.

To do this, the penny advised: “Put your rack near a heat source – either point a fan at it, or use a dehumidifier.

“Rotate the items regularly and remove anything that has fully dried to allow the other items more space.”

5. Hang around the house

For those who do not own a drying rack or clothes horse, the money-saving pro noted that laundry can be hung around “drafty spots” around the home.

She said: “If I need to dry something quickly and I don’t want to put it in the tumble dryer, I like to hang items up in drafty spots around the house and they usually dry in no time. The best place is on top of door frames.

“A top tip is to hang trousers upside down so that the thickest material on the waist has a better chance to dry.”

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