‘Fast and effective’ method to get ‘streak-free’ windows and patio doors this summer

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Lynsey Crombie, the Queen of Clean, often shares cleaning tips and advice on This Morning and on social media. Recently, the cleaning expert said “there are a few ways you can wash your own windows” in summer if you don’t have a window cleaner.

Lynsey said: “There is no point in keeping the interior windows sparkling if they are dirty on the outside.”

She recommended washing the windows with a pressure washer but warned people to be careful as if the pressure is too high the glass can shatter.

When pressure washing the windows, it is important to start on the lowest setting.

The Queen of Clean advised: “The most important thing to remember is to never let your windows air dry as this is what causes streaks.

“Instead they should be dried with a squeegee.”

Squeegees can be found for just £2.99 on Amazon.

But why is it so important to use the tool?

Cleaning experts at Nickswindowcleaning explained that using a squeegee “is a fast and effective method to clean windows”.

“These handy tools make it easy to reach up to the top of the window and you can clean the whole window quickly instead of working in sections.

“There’s a trick to getting a streak-free clean window when using a squeegee.

“You have to use the right technique in order to make sure that the water or cleaning fluid is removed in one smooth stroke or you will end up getting streaks,” they explained.

This technique can be performed in a matter of seconds.

For the window frames, Lynsey recommended using a brush to try to remove as much debris as possible.

This can also be done by simply tapping them off and then washing them.

For patio or bi-fold doors, the Queen of Clean recommended following the same steps as cleaning windows.

She also warned people “not to let them air dry”.

For the frames, it is key to start by dusting with a microfibre cloth.

For aluminium doors, stains can be removed with washing up liquid and water.

Sliding doors can be a bit trickier, but Lynsey recommended always “making sure to clean the rails as dirt can cause them to get stuck”.

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