‘Fast’ £1 solution to get rid of ants in homes – they’ll ‘disappear in no time’

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Ants usually move inside looking for better conditions, moisture, food, shelter and favourable temperatures. 

Word spreads quickly around the ant colony, and soon households could have a tiny army following the scent trail into their home. 

However, because the kitchen is a food-preparation area, people are likely to be reluctant to use pesticides or sprays to get rid of ants, for fear of contaminating their food. 

Instead cleaning enthusiasts have shared a household remedy to get rid of ants after one woman took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page to ask for advice. 

Geemee Kaur wrote: “How do I get rid of ants? They have managed to get in the house now. I can’t find where they are coming from but they’re in the lounge and kitchen.”

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The majority of group members suggested Geemee use talcum powder to get rid of ants.

Lesley Davies said: “If you have any, sprinkle talcum powder near entrances, exits, window sills and corners. 

“They don’t like it, but will carry it back to the nest/nests and will kill the queen and they will disappear.”

Shelly Cole wrote: “Talcum powder. I had an invasion and it soon stopped with this powder outside and even inside.”

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Sally Huges said: “Talcum powder kills them fast, then all you have to do is hoover it up.”

Sue claimed: “Years ago I put talcum powder all around outside of the house and to this day I haven’t seen one ant in my house.”

Linda Seward commented: “Talcum powder by doorways and along the outside of the house.

“We have this problem start of every summer, we put this down soon as they start coming in and then that’s the end of it.”

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Experts at Cannon Pest Management also agreed with this method. They said: “A substance we love but ants hate is talcum powder. 

“Put a bit of it here and there in the trouble spots and it will really mess with the critters’ pheromone trail and clog up their airways.”

Talcum powder is cheap to buy as it retails for £1 at Poundland, £1.25 at Sainsbury’s and £1.50 at Tesco.

For those who don’t have talcum powder, baking soda can be used instead to get rid of an ant infestation.

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