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The article also says that you were sent by The National Alliance, though it says you are a part of their Northern Coalition instead of National Alliance. T consider you are a part of them yet. You go to the phone and check your phone. You wait a few more moments, but nothing happens. You check your pockets, which are still heavily covered in the blood of the mutant, and find a cell phone. Whoa whoa whoa, hold on there, hold on. You just say, and then you suddenly hear a noise somewhere down the hall. S another mutant in the house, this one is just a few feet away from you. T even see them, but you can hear them. You freeze, realizing the two of you need to get out of here now, but no matter where you go, they follow. Your mind now goes to the worst case scenario. You could just be lying in a room for years with no further sign of life, or the two of you could just be killed by the mutants. You fleeYou take a second to grab the cell phone out of your pocket and dial the number that the National Alliance sent you. T sound like him at all, and I can only assume that you were talking to him by phone. You then hear the sound of the phone disconnecting and then you hear the answering machine blaring. Re stuck in some creepy basement and all you see.

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