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S not important now, we all know that. Re a nobleman, not some thief for hire. M a prince of a small kingdom, though I would like to be a lot more. Re a prince of the Felkan Kingdom, you will be considered one of the noblemen with full rights in the city and you will be treated as such. T bother you, we can still get along, for now anyway. T take advantage of my situation, Prince Zamed. This is just another step forward in our partnership. Ll just be pissed off and leave me to the same fate I saw happen to other noble candidates. No, not at all, I will treat you fairly and properly. I will give you all your wishes regardless of whether you ask for them or not. S staring off into the distance and not at you. Oh yes, you are also going to have to leave soon. Ll only be allowed to spend three days in the city before you have to be on your way. T really get to use all the things.

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