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You can see all of the listed people in Google Pictures. The people that are listed here are the majority of the people of Canada. You cant believe that they would even think of putting Terry on their own version of a Christmas TV showThis is ridiculous. How could you be thinking of doing that in such a manner. You stop going to the movies, especially with all the news that is going on lately. There are going to be riots in the streets and all sorts of disasters. The first part of December is going to be a huge holiday for you and your family, you cant imagine not going to the movies for the next month. The Wizard of OzThis is certainly a bit disappointing, you never thought you would see this movie in your lifetime, but then again you didnt think you would be doing research about the year. Yes this movie is released in Canada, You then notice that this movie is not on the list, this is a bit ironic, as you did not want to watch this movie anyway. The first day of the month is also the day of the movie release, so you go to a movie theater which you would never normally do, however there are only 2 in the city you live in, so there is no choice but to go to one of the 2. You end up seeing The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which isnt all that bad and not all that bad at that. December 13th is the big one though, it is Canada Day, you have decided on the name you are going with today;The Canada Day MovieIt is a day of celebration, and since it is also Canada Day, you think it would be the perfect day to watch a movie. You also think that watching a movie would make the day better. The day is set and everyone is in a festive mood, you cant wait until we can all go out and celebrate. You exit the theater, and are all set to watch your movie until you see two small figures sitting right behind you, one is a man in a red shirt, and the other is a woman wearing a red dress. They look like they are having a discussion.

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