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A very quick and dirty method to create a planet is to have a make planet button in the game, which when clicked will set some settings. Select the planet type, Ice, Forest, Rock, etc. Once youre satisfied with the game however, the button will not be there, and itll be impossible to start a new game. The game also has a create game button to save you time in creating your own game world, but this only saves a small subset of the variables, for example planets colors, colors of its mountains, mountains heights, hills, plains, oceans, moons, stars, planets orbit periods, planets sizes or whatever. If you want to add your own variables, you wont be able to do it without digging through the game files and deleting several game files. I think youre already getting tired of the process of making a game, and this is just going to make it harder. So instead, youre going to skip right to the code, which we will discuss after getting the rest of the information we need. To make a planet, simply click on the make planet button at the main menu. The type of planet, and what the colors and textures of its surface should look like will be set during the creation process. Selecting a planet to make will have no effect on any other planet created in the future. Heres how youd go about it:1, Create a new game, choose world from the game settings. 3, Drag a planet object into the planet list.

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