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However, Mercury is also the only planet that isnt covered with athe ground. 07 04:27:05 Tempelman N well if you really wanna know what mercury is all about 2016. 07 04:27:12 Tempelman N you can just ask Mr Ed, Mercury, 2016. 07 04:27:18 Tempelman N i bet hell tell you all about it 2016. 07 04:27:22 Tempelman N sooo whats your question m8. 07 04:27:28 Tempelman N you want to know what Mercury is 2016. Just curious, I already know and I dont care. 07 04:28:20 KroggGayLord That, and I want to feel the pain of your life-long addiction to the Sun. 07 04:28:26 Tempelman N ya man you know what im gonna ask you to do 2016. 07 04:28:29 Tempelman N is get all emetic 2016. 07 04:29:04 KroggGayLord Well at least youre not just asking me for answers. 07 04:29:12 Tempelman N umm yeah well im glad youre not asking me stupid questions i could just be ranting and raving 2016. 07 04:29:20 KroggGayLord Youre ranting and raving. 07 04:29:30 KroggGayLord Lets not talk about me today, lets talk about Mercury instead. 07 04:30:15 Tempelman N i dunno man 2016.

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