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An industrial area, another term for an industrial parkmanufacturing facilityproduction zone. You see some machines to your left, and some things you dont know about to your right. Theres a lot of metal and other things, and thats all there is. The machine on your left has a bunch of wires hanging off of it, one of them a big red button. You press the red button, and a small, square, black window slides up. You hear a beeping noise for a moment, and then the window slides up. The small window shows a little screen with a lot of text on it. You watch as the machine on the left goes all to hell and then some. The screen shows you a bunch of numbers and blinking lights. A large black thing appears, in front of another black thing that looks like a face. Weve been attacking the system, and they seem to be attacking back. Theyve hit the system hard, but they hit the wrong thing. The thing in front of you speaks faster than you can read whats on the screen, and before you can question what theyre saying, you hear a metallic clang, and the screen goes dark. The ship doesnt move at all, and you cant see anything anymore except the floor around the cockpit, and a hole at the front, through which you can just make out the black hole in space. Its impossible to get back in, no matter how hard you try. Youre suddenly in a corridor, and youre not in the cockpit. You cant see any part of it, but its just black.

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